Our story

We met in Sao Paulo a couple of years ago while living there and both willing to jump into the entrepreneurial adventure.
Inspired by Brazil’s colorfulness and optimism, and sharing the same vision, we rapidly launched #lescréatrices by A&K.
At the heart of the brand is a desire to combine French touch and Brazilian soul, mixing up colors, textures and a twist of happiness.

Our key words
Feminity, elegance, trendyness and playfulness…
without jeopardizing praticality and affordability.

Our mission

Our products should inspire women whilst being comitted to have a positive social impact : #lescréatricessolidaires have signed a partnership with the Welfare Association Sant Fé, which is a secular, private, non-profit organization, founded in 1993.

Over the last 20 years, Santa Fé, has been developing means of sheltering boys and girls that were victims of abuse, neglect and sexual violence, mainly in São Paulo. The association provides an appropriate environment and support to develop the kids’ full potential. The multidisciplinary service offered, is also extended to the families.

When purchasing our products you are impacting a beautiful change in Brazil, helping kids to build their future.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us !